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The Lexax is the Tarazedi community's center for conlang development. A conlang is an artificial language usually developed for speculative fiction to aid in building rich and believable fictional universes. Conlangs such as Klingon in Star Trek, Sindarin in the Lord of the Rings saga, and Na'vi in Avatar were developed by professional linguists to enhance the worlds in which they are found, while dedicated teams of fans have expanded upon these and built conlangs for the use of other fictional peoples, such as Romulan and Vulcan for Star Trek. The purpose of the Lexax (Tarazedi for "language" or "dictionary") is to provide a foundation for languages used within the Tarazedi community.

Tarazedi Fonts and Keyboards

One major annoyance with conlangs is the difficulty in typing them. Windows does not come with Klingon, let alone Tarazedi. Fortunately, we can make a font to display such text on a website or other document and a keyboard layout to type the symbols directly. The main font on this website is Tarazedi Standard, which will include the following Open Source symbol sets:

  • Brandoi (not yet installed)
  • Font Awesome for icons
  • Levetzi
  • Maian
  • pIqaD HaSta (Klingon)
  • Rihan Extended (Romulan)
  • Quatran
  • Tarazedi
  • Ubuntu Mono, for base font.
  • Teko, not included in Tarazedi Standard, is a Google Font also used on this site.
  • Vlamai (not yet installed)

This font is a work in progress and updates will be posted here as they become available. To install a font to your computer, simply download the Tarazedi.ttf file from the menu above, open it with Windows Font Viewer, and click the Install button. To install the web font for use on a site, simply download the Tarazedi.woff from the menu above, place it in your site directory, and use the following CSS code:

@font-face {
   font-family: Tarazedi;
   font-weight: 400;
   src: url('Tarazedi.woff') format('woff');

Quatran Sample


Levetzi Sample

Vowels (with )

Maian Sample


Klingon Symbols